Busy Building Broadband

An aerial view of OTELCO’s Plymouth Causeway fiber build, one of the bigger rural broadband builds of the summer.

While We Were Away…

We apologize to our blog readers for missing the last few weeks, but OTELCO has just been so busy building out fiber that there was no time to write. Here is a little peek into the rural broadband builds OTELCO has been up to this summer, what we have up our sleeve for the fall, and some interesting information from the USDA that we think will pique your interest.

Fiber Buildouts 

OTELCO has always believed that connectivity is a driving factor to successful economic growth, government (at every level), and most importantly the quality of life. That is why we focus so heavily on rural broadband, knowing that 80% of the 24 million Americans who lack reliable Internet service live in rural areas. In 2018, OTELCO is working to not only deploy new fiber but to replace old copper technology with fiber infrastructure when possible. This summer, in Alabama, Missouri, and Maine we have been working on several substantial fiber builds. Check them out below:

  • Alabama: Right now we are finishing up two fiber builds in Arab and Oneonta. In Arab, we have been working on bringing Lightwave to the Ryan and Strawberry communities. Over in Oneonta, we are putting the final fiber touches in several places, including:
      • The Reneau and Roger Road Area
      • County Highway 12 and Highway 24 Area
      • A very large portion of the Cliff Springs Community

    In the very near future, Blountsville residents along Highway 79, north of Brooksville crossing will have access to a faster, more reliable broadband. As will Walnut Grove residents who live on Ashville Road, parts of Thompson Road, and parts of Fairview Cove Road.

  • Missouri: Fiber has come to Miami! As of now, fifty existing customers have been positioned to upgrade to Lightwave at their leisure. Very soon the remaining residents living in Miami, and south along Highway 41, will also have the opportunity to upgrade.

Above contractors dig trenches to lay conduit that will carry fiber.
  • Maine: In Maine, OTELCO has been working on an especially scenic project: laying fiber under the Plymouth Causeway to preserve the natural beauty of Plymouth Pond (catch a glimpse of the work above). As of now, all the conduit has been laid for the project, and all that is left is a few DOT boxes to check. Coming up this fall we will tackle some aerial projects along the Moosehead Trail in neighboring Dixmont.

Speaking of Rural Broadband…

In a continued effort to connect the country with reliable broadband, the USDA has released a new webpage focused on information pertaining to rural broadband e-connectivity. Next week we will further dive into the new website, and the exciting new things happening in rural broadband funding.


In the Meantime

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