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Community Broadband Sticker Shock? Try a Different Approach

Community Broadband Sticker Shock recently hit Cambridge City Hall.

Recently, I worked with a City Councilor in Cambridge, Massachusetts to try and help the Council overcome a severe case of community broadband sticker shock.  It seems that the town had hired a consultant who had submitted a $200 million estimate for a city-wide fiber to the home network without first understanding what the City’s appetite would be for such expenditure – or, indeed, if the network being proposed was really necessary to achieve the… Read more »

A Millennial at OTELCO
A Look From Inside the Corporate Culture

The Thoughts of a Millennial Last week we wrote a post about the corporate culture at OTELCO.  While the blog was being composed Mainebiz released an article on “How to Attract, Hire and Retain Talented Young Millennials”. As a millennial, and a recent addition to OTELCO, it was easy for me to draw a connection between the two articles. There are so many things I love about working at OTECLO. I could easily write a… Read more »

Corporate Culture:
A look inside OTELCO

Corporate culture is something we hear a lot about today. What about OTELCO? Today’s new corporate culture includes communication technology that allows people to work with their counterparts virtually anywhere in the world as if they are in the same room; it’s still nice to have face-to-face contact. With our corporate reorganization and re-branding, I assumed the Marketing and Public Relations responsibility for OTELCO operations in Alabama and Missouri along with my existing responsibilities to… Read more »

Be Smarter Than Your Smart Devices: Consumer IoT Security Tips

Updated Fall of 2019 Our recent post on creating a Smart Home by using connected devices brings us to a related and critical aspect of keep your smart devices secure. Given the myriad IoT options, as a consumer, you need to be smarter than your smart devices. There are numerous helpful resources and tips available on the topic of security. Here are our top four: Establish A Secure Home Network. Security starts at the base… Read more »