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Desktop Virtualization in the Modern Workplace

Evolving technology is changing the modern workplace. The old picture of an office full of employees, file cabinets, and fax machines is gone. Now 50% of US employees work remotely, all of our information is stored and backed up on servers, and even faxing can be done through the cloud. Today, the picture of the modern workplace is shaped by business technology. Desktop Virtualization is one of the most popular types of Managed Services on… Read more »

OTELCO Fixed Wireless Internet

Sedalia Fixed Wireless Internet Tower

A Visit to Mid Missouri Recently I took a trip to our OTELCO offices in Pilot Grove and Sedalia, Missouri. In our Pilot Grove area, we operate much the same as our locations in Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and West Virginia, in Sedalia we add fixed wireless Internet access to our product portfolio. I had the opportunity to spend most of my time there with our Director of Wireless Operations, Rick Lashley. Rick’s tenure with… Read more »

Managing Business Technology

OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services is a new branch of the OTELCO family tree that focuses on Business Technolgy. This team has been a part of the OTELCO family since 2014, formally opperating as Reliable Networks, but, like many of our extended family, have just recently taken on the OTELCO name. OTELCO C&MS is run by the same team of experienced IT experts and security engineers that Reliable Networks customers have trusted for years. With… Read more »

High Speed Fiber Infrastructure
Where, when, why, and how.

A fiber optic cable

Because we feel it’s futureproof, OTELCO is working to not only deploy new fiber but to replace old copper technology with fiber infrastructure when possible. With service footprints in 6 rural states, fiber deployment can be a challenge. As much as we’d like to bring High Speed Fiber Internet to every location in every state, it’s just not feasible from a business perspective. Consider the following: What does a project cost? How many locations can… Read more »