$5 Million Deployment Plan in Alabama Makes Headlines

OTELCO’s Trevor Jones speaking with reporters at Tuesday’s press conference.

Earlier this week, we were pleased to announce OTELCO’s plan to invest $5m to expand fiber and improve broadband connectivity in Alabama.

To sum it up, we’re working on bringing faster service to the biggest number of customers, as quickly as we can.

Learn More About Our Work in Alabama

Want to know more about what we’re working on? You can view this blog post about our work in Alabama from Trevor Jones, our VP of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, or learn more from the media outlets below that have covered our announcement:

More to Come

Stay tuned for ongoing updates as we move forward with improving connectivity for our customers in Alabama and across all of the communities we serve. If you are wondering whether you will be in an upcoming Lightwave zone, check out our Lightwave Locator.

Discover if You Are in the Lightwave Zone

Updates from Alabama – October 2019

At this point, we have completed nearly 25% of the total build (1,000+/- locations) and work is progressing smoothly.  As each new phase of the project is completed, we will notify the newly eligible locations by mail with letters and postcards.  So, keep an eye on your mail and give us a call when you get that letter!

If you have not received a letter:

You can complete the fiber interest form, and then as the various phases of the project are built, we will review the form submissions and if your location becomes eligible for service, we’ll contact you to arrange for installation.

Click Here to Complete the Fiber Interest Form