FIber to the Premise for Alton
We're One Step Closer

UPDATE: Spring 2020

OTELCO’s Alton fiber build is now complete, with over 350 new fiber eligible locations. We have several special offers available for new fiber customers, including free installation. To order service, please give us a call at 833-OTELCO-1 or visit our Lightwave Locator to complete our Fiber Interest Form.

 Click Here to Complete the Fiber Interest Form

December 2019 Update

Phase-one of the build will soon be complete on the east side of town. Installations are in full swing.

Emera has begun the process of make-ready for the construction on the west side of town and OTELCO’s construction contractors are running fiber where the make-ready is complete.

As soon as testing on the network is complete, we will be reaching out by phone and email to schedule installations for west-side residents who have pre-ordered Lightwave service.

More than 85 locations on the east side of town are either installed or scheduled for Lightwave installation.  In the next week or so, we will be sending Lightwave information to locations on the east side who have yet to subscribe, so keep your eyes on the mail.

Fall 2019 Update

The project is being constructed in 2 sections; what we’re calling Alton East and Alton West.  Alton East is in full swing, with poles being installed on Alton Tannery Road and construction is underway. Alton West is the area where CCI has infrastructure and payment has been remitted for makeready (pole attachments etc.)

We expect to be scheduling installs for Alton East for the beginning of November and for Alton West a month later.  For Alton East, in late September we will be contacting those who have signed up for pre-purchase to start scheduling install appointments; we’ll be updating the website, social media, and we’ll send notifications via email and USPS to Alton residents. We will do the same for Alton West when that portion of the project is ready.

August 6th Update

Our team is currently reviewing final engineering documents and expects to have shovels in the ground by early September.  We have also have some updated pricing information to share. As we mentioned at the town informational meeting, OTELCO has been looking at changing our delivery speeds.  We have moved forward with that change and are now offering 100/100 Mbps – 300/300 Mbps at $49.95 and $69.95 respectively, with bundling options available.

June 8th Update

We got the grant! OTELCO was awarded the full grant amount from the ConnectME Authority. With the full $260,000, we will be able to bring fiber to 260 homes in Alton. The build will start mid-summer, with an estimated six month build time.

Congratulations Alton!  You are 2/3 of the way to townwide Fiber to the Premise!

Voters almost unanimously support OTELCO FTTP build with an appropriation of $150,000.

At your Annual Town Meeting on March 30th you almost unanimously approved the $150,000 appropriation for the project. OTELCO is investing an additional $290,000, but both hinge on a successful $260,000 grant application to the ConnectME Authority.  25% of the scoring hinges on community support with a goal of 85% of the homes being served.  Currently, we’re at 39% because folks from 102 individual addresses have voiced support.  To reach the goal of 85% we need support from a total of 221 homes in Alton.  Right now we’re eligible for 10 of the 25 available points. It would be great to get them all!

Moving Forward

We will finalize and submit the grant application to the ConnectME Authority in May. We expect that the Authority will award the grants in June. Assuming our application is successful, construction will start within 30-days.

The Project

We will extend our existing fiber network on Bennoch Road to 260 additional locations, covering approximately 21 road miles. This build will include the installation of multiple utility poles along Tannery Rd., as well as additional infrastructure along a portion of West Old Town Rd that is in Consolidated Communications’ (formerly FariPoint) territory.

Why Fiber

OTELCO, along with many other broadband leaders, believes that Fiber Internet is a future-proof broadband solution.

Fiber-optic technology, which harnesses the power of lasers to transmit data at the speed of light, without weakening over long distances.

Faster Internet speeds improve access to the Internet of Things (IoT) including:


A map of Alton showing OTELCO's existing and proposed fiber builds.

On this map of Alton, OTELCO’s existing LightWave Fiber infrastructure is in pink, and the proposed build in is yellow.

The proposed project cost is $700,000. Together, OTELCO and Alton have developed a three-part plan to finance the project.

  • On March 30th, Alton voters will consider a $150,000 appropriation to support the project.
  • If funds are approved, OTELCO will apply for a $260,000 grant from the ConnectME Authority.
  • if the grant is awarded, OTELCO will invest the remaining funds necessary to complete the project.