Alabama Cable Changes

August 31st, 2020

Overnight on August 31st, OTELCO will be reducing our analog TV channel line-up to allow us to provide faster Internet over our cable network.  You will see the channel reduction when you turn on your TV on Tuesday, September 1st.

Find more information on our Cable Conversion Here

The channel line-up has changed slightly from the letter we sent you a couple of weeks ago.  The line-up is below and can also be found by clicking here.

The new analog TV line up.

For the convenience of channel surfing, we encourage you to auto-tune your TV set to skip through unused channels.  Once this is done, scrolling through the channels via TV remote should appear no different than if the channels were in numerical sequence.

If you wish to retain the full 70 channel line-up, please call Customer Care to arrange for set-top boxes for the TVs that you want the full line-up on.