AppRiver Email Encryption from OTELCO

A graphic of email encryption: a laptop with an open letter in an envelop and a lockOTELCO Cloud and Managed Services is excited to provide customers with AppRiver Email Encryption. This new managed service enables businesses to send sensitive data securely via email without the hassle of encrypting it.  Instead, companies experience peace of mind of knowing that data sent via email is secure—ideal for any company that needs to comply with state, federal, or industry regulations.

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Sending and Receiving Encrypted Emails

Using advanced content filters, AppRiver interfaces with your existing email environment enabling business emails and attachments to be scanned automatically and encrypted for delivery. To send an encrypted email, employees simply create a message and hit “send.”  AppRiver’s content filters take care of the rest behind the scenes. When employees receive an encrypted reply, the experience is just as easy. Encrypted emails can be opened as easily as regular email regardless of where they are or what device they use.

Seamless Integration and Deployment

OTELCO will handle all your integration needs, even if you are in the middle of an infrastructure change. We will have you up and running quickly, and the service is so easy to use that you won’t have to worry about scheduling time for training. Your employees can go about emailing as usual.

A graphic that represents email encryption, with a blue envelope and a shield with a check mark.Seamless Integration and Deployment

Using patented Best Method of Delivery technology, AppRiver allows for multiple secure delivery options. If an email seems suspicious, it will automatically be quarantined. When this happens, your team will receive a notification to view the message and policy violations. From there, they can delete the email or release it for delivery. This ensures that all messages are delivered in the most secure and easy manner possible.

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Additional Features

  • 24/7 Support through OTELCO
  • Policy-based email protection and data loss prevention
  • Innovative dashboards with instant access to reports
  • Content scanning with robust compliance filters
  • Automatic, bi-directional email encryption
  • Simplified implementation
  • Support for policy-based TLS encryption
  • The OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services Team that Brings You AooRivers Email Encryption Service

    The OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services team of IT experts.

    Ensured data ownership

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