Arab Fiber Expansion

OTELCO is building fiber in Arab! Keep an eye on this page for build updates.

UPDATE: Spring 2020

OTELCO’s Arab fiber build is now complete, with over 4,100 new fiber eligible locations. We will continue to reach out through the mail, online, and over the phone to residents living in the new Lightwave Zone.

We have several special offers available for new fiber customers, including free installation and $10 off your bill every month for a year. To order service, please give us a call at 833-OTELCO-1 or visit our Lightwave Locator to complete our Fiber Interest Form.

 Click Here to Complete the Fiber Interest Form

We all know that Lightwave Fiber Internet is simply the fastest and best service availableWith speeds up to 300 Mbps Download AND Upload, it just doesn’t get better than that!

Click here to learn about the work OTELCO is doing in Alabama.

And here’s why…….

Ten Dollars off Your Service for a Year!

Stand-alone Lightwave 100 Mbps is $79.95/month but you can save a bundle with a double or triple play bundle.

No Contracts

(We know you’re going to love the service, no need to lock you in)

Previous Updates:

Arab Fiber Construction on a Very Windy Day

Arab Fiber Construction on a Very Windy Day

August 2019

400 of you have received letters to let you know that you can call to make an appointment for Lightwave installation at your location.  If you’ve received one of those letters, you simply need to call Customer Care 1-833-OTELCO-1 to get on the installation schedule.

Fall 2019

At this point, we have completed nearly 25% of the total build (1,000+/- locations) and work is progressing smoothly.

February 2020


As of this month, the Lightwave build in Arab is over 50% done, with 2,150 new locations. Below, you can see several maps of the progress we have made. The yellow lines are completed fiber. As each new phase of the project is completed, we will notify the newly eligible locations by mail with letters and postcards.  So, keep an eye on your mail and give us a call at 833-OTELCO-1 when you get that letter!