Auto Attendant and Call Center Enhance Your Caller’s Experience

Hand dials on phone

HPBX phones are a great business tool.

We’ve heard from clients, such as Katahdin Federal Credit Union, about the benefits of our Managed Hosted PBX phone system. The system is not only a time-saver, it holds up — even through a disaster.

Beyond the reliability, though, our PBX phone systems have helped small businesses conserve precious resources while also improving perception and the customer experience.

In our last tech tip blog post, we talked about how a Hosted PBX phone system can free up time and enable growth for your small business. Today we’re talking about the auto attendant and call center functionalities that come with every Hosted PBX phone system.

Auto Attendant: when you can’t get to the phone.

Consider this small business scenario: It’s the end of the month and you’re on deadline. Things are really beginning to pick up for your full-service video production company. Your work is getting out there, and buzz is spreading. You lead a team of 8 multi-skilled producers. To keep costs down, one of of your producers is also tasked with helping out with administrative duties. The client is expecting work soon and you need all the help you can get, but the phones keep ringing with potential clients looking to discuss projects and book studio time.

Small business owners know that the ability to stretch resources is crucial to survival. This is a great example of how your phone system’s features can keep business running – and growing – smoothly.

With auto attendant, your producer/administrative assistant can completely focus on editing that final scene instead of answering phones and transferring calls. Auto attendant greets callers with a professional message of your choosing before providing easy-to-understand instructions, so clients aren’t just waiting around on hold. When you’re tied up, clients can easily reach, or leave a message for, the person or department they are trying to reach.

Unprofessional greetings: a thing of the past.

Here’s another common small business situation: A client calls your office looking to discuss a project. With an old, out-of-date phone system that lacks auto attendant, the conversation probably goes something like this:

Client: “Hi, is Katie in. We have a call scheduled to discuss a project.”
Front desk: “Hold please”
(Sound of phone crackling and dropping followed by a muffled voice) “Uh, anyone know where Katie is? Anyone?!?”
Front desk: “I’ll go see if I can find her” (puts phone down, crackles return followed by ambient office noise)
Client: Sigh.

Not the most professional or helpful way to greet valuable clients.

The call center functionality that comes with auto attendant gives users the ability to set up custom prompts and navigation so that callers are greeted with helpful instructions — much more professional than phone crackling and ambient office noise.

Use Call Center wisely. Think like a marketer.

How can your office fully take advantage of call center functionally? Instead of painfully-overplayed muzak, you can customize your system to give customers a better experience by providing helpful customer service tips, or you can share information about products, services or timely promotions.

Auto attendant and call center allow you to take full control of your phone system, so get creative and think about the needs of your clients. Remember, not all callers are in the best of moods when they call, especially if they are armed with a complaint. That’s why it’s imperative to greet callers with a pleasant, professional and helpful greeting.

Auto attendant and call center are two of the most powerful features that come with a Managed Hosted PBX phone system from OTELCO. Free up resources, improve the reputation of your business and improve the customer experience.

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