Anti-Virus as a Service

OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services has partnered with Bitdefender to offer Anti-Virus as a Service (AVaaS). Bitdefender is a leading Cybersecurity company that specializes in anti-virus and malware. Since 2017, they have been a global industry leader. OTELCO can offer your company Bitdefender’s award-winning technology, backed by OTELCO’s exceptional local customer care.

Endpoint security ranking based on scores in Anti-Virus-Comparatives enterprise tests

Endpoint security ranking based on scores in AV-Comparatives enterprise tests. (From

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Award-Winning Machine Learning

Bitdefender has been perfecting its Machine Learning algorithms for over ten years. It uses the world’s most extensive security-delivery infrastructure to identify unknown threats before they can form an attack. Together with Local and Cloud Signatures that identify known risks, Bitdefender’s Machine Learning will be your company’s first layer of defense.

Automated Control

Unknown variables can prove opportunistic to cyber-criminals looking to target your infrastructure. Automated controls like those below can minimize those variables by controlling and limiting outside influences from the web and external devices.

  • Web Filtering: Protect your company by filtering out known phishing sites and scanning unknown URLs for potential threats.
  • Content Control: Keep employees safe by blocking malicious websites. For further security, use categories or schedules to reduce the attack surface.
  • Device Control: Ensure data security by restricting the use of detachable devices, like USBs, that could introduce malware into your systems.
An Anti-Virus as a Service Graphic of a laptop being protected by a virtual shield

Bitdefender from OTELCO uses powerful layers to protect your infrastructure from cuber-criminals.

Layered Security

Every great security engineer knows that the best cyber protection comes in layers.  Bitdefender from OTELCO is designed with layers in mind, starting at the top with Machine Learning, and ending with these three essential services:

  • Network Attack Defense: An intense level of protection, NAD uses network-based security to stop the likes of Brute Force Attacks, Password Stealers, Network Exploits, and Lateral Movements before they can infiltrate your system.
  • Advanced Anti-Exploit: This layer searches for unknown-file-based and memory exploitations. AAE is essential, as Ransomware attacks often target legitimate applications when they are trying to compromise your systems.
  • Process Monitoring: As a final layer, Process Monitoring offers continuous network monitoring that searches running processes for signs of malicious behavior. It is designed to catch advanced attacks that may seep through the initial security layers.

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As a way to help our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, OTELCO is offering 60 days of AVaaS on us! Book a virtual-visit with one our IT experts today to learn more!

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