“Ode to a Blog”
Your top OTELCO Blog Clicks of 2-0-1-6

Your top blog-picks-2-0-1-6

As we close sixteen, you all know the scene,
Good tidings we send, but that’s not the end!
At this time of year, we join with the rest
We take some time to look at the best!

We blog every week, your approval we seek.
Of the posts that you picked, 5 got the most clicks
They are highlighted here
For the end of the year!

A hot topic in the land, is Rural Broadband.
Maine must compete nationally for speed.
Providers must be dependable
and their networks indisputable.

If you are able, you want to cut the cable.
We shared with you how, with tech available now.
And many of our readers found
Cutting the cord is not as hard as it sounds.

Entertainment is just one action
With which broadband improves satisfaction.
So as the year was proceeding
Conversation about broadband was unceasing.

Looking back can be good, but look ahead we should.
With seventeen at the door, we look to do more.
We’ll continue to blog so that you’re in the know
We can also assure you, our network will grow.
Your top blog-picks-2-0-1-6
The products we offer will ever improve
Ensuring your business is in the right groove.
Enhancing our service?  We’ll never be done!
Great customer care is priority one!

With family and friends ring in this New Year.
If they’re close or they’re far, you have not a fear,
We have you connected, to all of your crowd,
We’re at your service: our people, our products, and even our cloud!

Happy New Year!