IP PBX: Premise-Based or Cloud Hosted IP PBX?

When considering an IP PBX phone solution, there are two types of systems; premise-based and cloud Hosted IP PBX. Thanks to advances in technology, IP PBX Phone Systems have become the industry standard for businesses of every size, offering incredible versatility and functionality to suit just about every conceivable business need from telecommuting to call center applications. A premise-based, or IP PBX phone system houses the hardware appliance at your site in your server closet… Read more »

Key Considerations for Evaluating Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems are swiftly becoming the industry standard in businesses of all sizes.  Whether a business is seeking efficient connectivity between multiple sites, simplification or elimination of on-site equipment, or the functionality for auto-attendant and call center capabilities; hosted phones will provide the solution. In many cases, the use of hosted phone systems can also save money over time since there is no on-site switching equipment to be maintained and upgraded as a business… Read more »

How Much Internet Speed do I REALLY need?

We published this post, How Much Internet Speed do I really Need, almost 2 years ago. Because the Internet of Things keeps growing, it’s time to update the information. The speed you needed 2 years ago, is likely not enough today, and here’s why: more devices ‘smarter’ devices higher quality streaming content These days, there is lots of talk about Internet speed in the press, and there is considerable interest in building faster networks. Over… Read more »

Business Summit on Broadband for Gray and New Gloucester

Internet modem

Broadband has become quite a buzzword for anyone who accesses the internet, and today, that’s just about everyone.  E-mail, gaming, e-commerce, cloud-based business applications, on-line banking, distance learning, streaming home entertainment, home security, Telecommuting, and telemedicine all depend on reliable access to the internet. When considering potential locations, businesses, homeowners, schools, and medical institutions — having come to depend on broadband — consider its availability in much the same way we think about utility access… Read more »

Demystifying High Speed Internet Access

Just what is high-speed Internet access?  Many of us use high-speed Internet access every day for E-mail, gaming, e-commerce, cloud-based business applications, online banking, distance learning, streaming home entertainment, home security, telecommuting, video chatting, and telemedicine; as each requires reliable access to the Internet. When trying to decide on the best and fastest Internet access, we’re confronted with a number of technology choices like DSL, cable, fiber, and wireless – each touted as the best… Read more »