Happy Independence Day!
Is it time to declare your Business Communication Independence?

Is it time to declare your Business Communication Independence?

Business Communication Independence

With all due respect to the framers …….

When the framers declared Independence from England it was all about citizens’ rights to govern themselves in a democratic republic.  As we celebrate Independence Day, think about your business.  Are you running it, or is it running you.  If it’s the latter, you just might want to consider your own Declaration of Business Communication Independence.

  • Do you and your staff have the ability to enjoy Life outside of the office, yet still stay connected when necessary?
  • Do you or your staff enjoy the Liberty of working from any location when necessary?
  • Is there Happiness in your workplace?
  • Do you want Freedom from excessive on-site equipment?

2017 is a different world from 1776.  Today people want the freedom to work where they live, to be seamlessly connected to everything – including work.  The millennial workforce wants the ability to work anywhere, anytime it wants.  Business owners want to streamline operations to run most efficiently while allocating financial resources wisely.

In 1776 it took a new government and a war to provide the independence that Americans were seeking. In 2017, achieving business communication independence is a much simpler endeavor.

Whatever your idea of business communication independence is; whether you need to work remotely, connect multiple business locations, free up IT staff for more important tasks, or streamline the inbound call process, a Hosted PBX Phone system can achieve it – no war necessary.

There are many options for hosted phone systems, superior customer care is another thing. While we weren’t around for the signing of the real Deceleration of Independence, the OTELCO family  of  companies has been providing local customer care and support for more than a century.  Let us help you declare you business communication independence.

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