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New Smart TV? 4 steps to streaming TV online

Is your New Year’s resolution to cut the cord on cable and make the most of that new Smart TV you got for the holidays? After years of cable TV, the switch might seem like a daunting one, but we’ll walk you through a few easy steps to have you embracing your new devices in no time. Step 1. Determine your TV needs. To get started, consider your TV habits. Is network television something you’re… Read more »

Questions about our new name? A rebrand Q+A

Last week, we announced that OTT Communications is now OTELCO. We know this might generate some questions. Here are a few anticipated questions you might have about our business, your services or contacting customer service. As always, if you have questions, we’re here for you! Q: Does this change anything about my service (Internet or Phone?) A: Neither your products nor your service will change, however, the name of a product or service may change… Read more »

From the Desk of OTELCO President and CEO, Rob Souza


It is 3 years this month since OTELCO President, Rob Souza accepted the appointment of CEO.  Rob has a long history with the OTELCO family of companies and began his tenure as CEO with a clear vision of where he wanted to lead the company.  This week, we hand over the reins of our blog to Rob. During the 30 or so years that I have been with the company, I have had the opportunity… Read more »

The Best of 2017 and Our Hi-Speed Broadband Resolution for 2018

Happy New Year from OTELCO

As 2017  closes, we look back at our most popular posts.  Since they were so popular, we thought you might like to take a look.  You may observe a theme here too! Our #1 most read blog, Fiber to the Home Season Heats Up at Otelco, shared information about a few of our current Fiber to the Premise projects. Next was Getting DSL to 40Mbps and Faster While We Build an All-Fiber Network, that explained… Read more »

Do You Have the Bandwidth for Your Smart Devices?

Now that we’ve given you some tips on how to secure the IoT smart devices that you may give or receive during the holiday season, let’s make sure you have the Internet bandwidth you need to keep them operating at their best. Every device in your home that is powered on and connected to your network uses bandwidth – even when idle. This is an approximation of what the various devices and activities use at… Read more »