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“Ode to a Blog”
Your top OTELCO Blog Clicks of 2-0-1-6

Happy New Year from OTT

As we close sixteen, you all know the scene, Good tidings we send, but that’s not the end! At this time of year, we join with the rest We take some time to look at the best! We blog every week, your approval we seek. Of the posts that you picked, 5 got the most clicks They are highlighted here For the end of the year! A hot topic in the land, is Rural Broadband…. Read more »

The Discussion Continues: Rural Broadband in Maine

Rural Broadband Panel

On Tuesday, we attended a forum entitled “Bringing Broadband to Maine’s Rural Communities: Insights for Maine from National Success Stories” in Hallowell, Maine.  The event was sponsored by the Maine Broadband Coalition, CEI and Island Institute and featured regional and national speakers who outlined a variety of regional and national approaches to improving rural broadband access. Deploying advanced fiber-optic broadband in rural communities is a daunting proposition.  Low population density leads to a high cost per… Read more »

The Definition of Broadband is a Moving Target: We Must Lead.

A small maine town in need of a better broadband connection.

Broadband is a very hot topic in Maine these days. It seems that society has finally decided that it’s time to make sure everyone is connected, in much the same way that rural electrification and universal telephone service were priorities of the past.  Broadband is even talked about in the same context as infrastructure such as roads and public water or sewer systems. The problem is that with broadband, we are aiming at a moving… Read more »

IP PBX: Premise-Based or Cloud Hosted IP PBX?

When considering an IP PBX phone solution, there are two types of systems; premise-based and cloud Hosted IP PBX. Thanks to advances in technology, IP PBX Phone Systems have become the industry standard for businesses of every size, offering incredible versatility and functionality to suit just about every conceivable business need from telecommuting to call center applications. A premise-based, or IP PBX phone system houses the hardware appliance at your site in your server closet… Read more »

Key Considerations for Evaluating Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems are swiftly becoming the industry standard in businesses of all sizes.  Whether a business is seeking efficient connectivity between multiple sites, simplification or elimination of on-site equipment, or the functionality for auto-attendant and call center capabilities; hosted phones will provide the solution. In many cases, the use of hosted phone systems can also save money over time since there is no on-site switching equipment to be maintained and upgraded as a business… Read more »