The Defendify all-in-one cybersecurity platform features multiple layers of defense, Cybersecurity policy assistance, simplified program management, risk scoring, alerts, notifications, reports, recommendations, and a full suite of easy-to-use cybersecurity tools.  While most small businesses today are protected with antivirus and firewalls only, Defendify adds additional levels of protection to these existing baseline defenses. 

A computer protected by Defendify graphic. A Desktop computer with a orange shield over it that has a gold lock inside.Threat Alerts Notification System        

Information and transparency are critical elements of cybersecurity. Defendify’s Threat Alert Notification System will keep your entire staff alert to emerging attacks, stories, and patches so that they can adjust accordingly.

Cybersecurity Health Check-up Assessment Tool

This tool clarifies your current cybersecurity posture and identifies areas that may need improvement. The Cybersecurity Health Check-Up Assessment Tool generates a cybersecurity score that will help guide future recommendations and keep your infrastructure secure.

Incident Response Plan Builder

Planning and preparation are the best defense your business can have against cybercriminals. Defendify will create an incident response plan with steps you can take in the case of an incident, like a breach or system failure. In addition, the response plan will help you identify the root cause, so you can safely move forward without future missteps.

Technology & Data Use Policy Builder

Technology and Data Use Policies are an industry best practice, yet many companies still aren’t using them. Defendify will help you create a policy unique to your workplace, including cyber-based expectations, rules, and regulations that you can use to train your employees. It is an efficient way to beef up internal security and keep your staff safe.

Network Alarm System

The Defendify Network Alarm System uses anomaly detection to monitor your infrastructure for notable events. It will report any suspicious activity for review and remediation.


Services start at $99 for the Defendify foundation, with the following add-ons available at select prices:

Ethical Hacking

Use human penetration testing and attack simulation to identify network weaknesses.

Website Scanner

If your business has a publicly facing website, this scanner will identify any issues that may need review or remediation.

Network Vulnerability Scanner

Defendify will check for weaknesses and report on gaps using a vulnerability scanner that is designed to assess computers, networks, or applications for known issues.

The Defendify logo. The word Defendify with a blue vault graphic in the middle. Employee Awareness Package

This Defendify package was created to educate your employees on cyber-safety and includes a Phishing Simulation Tool, Awareness Training Materials (i.e., webinars, videos, posters), and a Stolen Password Seminar.

Managed Services Consultation

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This obligation-free assessment can help you:

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  • Determine your business’s unique technology needs.
  • Find the most cost-effective solutions.
  • Gauge your ability to manage those solutions.

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