Let Us Manage Your Network

Internet is a necessity for any business competing in today’s digital economy, but managing a network can be time-consuming and simple reactive maintenance isn’t enough. That is where OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services’ Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) Solution comes in. We partner proactive monitoring with preventative maintenance to keep your network operating at peak performance. Most importantly, NaaS can predict and prevent problems before they affect your network. All for a recurring subscription-based fee.

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Maximize Performance 

OTELCO’s comprehensive network solution will maximize network performance by seamlessly combining voice and data. Our experts will have complete visibility of all your assets, which means we can pinpoint any factors that would slow down your connection and correct them. With remote access, our team can do the following:

  • Oversee Usage
  • Regulate Users
  • Prioritize Traffic
  • Monitor Network Devices

Streamline Productivity

NaaS’s cutting edge technology streamlines productivity by keeping your network running smoothly without disturbing your customers or staff. To do so, we harness the power of the cloud to generate alerts from any site or device exhibiting abnormal behavior, allowing our team to:

  • See Threats in Real-Time
  • Quickly Troubleshoot
  • Discreetly Tackle Issues
  • Eliminate Downtime and Hiccups

Enhance Security

Cybersecurity has become the number one threat to businesses across every industry. With NaaS, you gain access to OTELCO’s seasoned team of security engineers who will work with you to implement best practices for IT security on your network, including mitigating security flaws and keeping your systems up to date.

Reduce Costs and Improve Value

Downtime comes with hefty monetary losses, in the form of lost resources, stalled productivity, support costs, and maintenance fees. OTELCO’s Network as a Service eliminates those losses by keeping your hardware and software running smoothly around the clock. Furthermore, NaaS subscription-based fee simplifies IT budgeting and makes overall costs more predictable.

Flexible Payment Methods

With Network as a Service from OTELCO Cloud and Managed services, you can choose one of two flexible payment options:


Our month-to-month payment option is contract-free and is contingent on the customer purchasing the equipment on their own. OTELCO will provide a quote that outlines the equipment you will need, and then will provide services for a monthly fee based on network-complexity.

Contract Services

Our one, three, and five-year contracts include both equipment and maintenance services. The price of the equipment is built into the contract, and paid off over time, resulting in complete customer ownership by the end of the contracted period.

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