Zimbra Hosting, Licensing and Professional Services

OTELCO Cloud and Managed ServicesThe Ximbra logo, two chat bubbles, one with a blue outline and one with an orange outline, overlapped with a smiley face in the middle. Below it reads "Zimbra. A Synacor product." has been a  Zimbra hosting partner since 2006. We are currently a dual North American BSP (hosting) and VAR (license reseller) partner and provide professional services to licensed Zimbra systems globally. Our in-depth knowledge of the platform and relationships with senior developers and executives, combined with our high-performance and secure private cloud servers, allow us to deliver one of the best email and collaboration solutions in the business. 

We have a length of experience comparable even to Zimbra’s owner, Synacor. Both of us started using the platform when version 3 was current, and we both launched commercial hosting farms in the 4.0.x series. 

Zimbra Hosting

We take compliance seriously. Our Zimbra cloud servers and per-mailbox hosting are both covered by our SOC2 Type II audit for securityavailability, and confidentiality. Like our other Managed Services, we configure our Zimbra servers to meet HIPAA requirements, Sarbanes-Oxley (SarbOx), and SEC email archival and retention rules as needed. 

Host with Us or On-Premises. Leverage Our Professional Services. 

OTELCO offers a wide variety of Zimbra services. We provide per-mailbox shared hosting on our secure, and compliant Zimbra hosting farm, as well as fully monitored, managed, and maintained dedicated Zimbra cloud serversWe know it so well we even help other Zimbra hosting providers manage their infrastructure.

Secure Encryption 

Our Zimbra Hosting Farm features 256-bit “banking grade” encryption (green browser bar), as well as encrypted server-to-server communications. We can help you deploy S/MIME or integrate with your own (or our) third-party encryption/DLP solution as needed. At-rest encryption is also available. 

An illustration of a Ximbra user's laptop. A blue screen with an open envelope that has a letter sticking out of the top. It is surrounded by other mail things, like an at symbol, an address book, letter with a paper clip, and clouds and shapes.

Intelligent Anti-Spam – The Real Truth 

Many email hosting providers claim to keep out all spam from your inbox but never mention the legitimate email that their product will incorrectly mark as spam, or all the time you’ll need to spend managing your quarantine folders. With our multi-vendor Intelligent Anti-Spam system, we strive for zero false positives. Many of our users see no spam at allOur own and our service providers’ filters are updated quickly to keep those pesky spam emails to a minimum — without you missing those legitimate emails, that more aggressive spam filters will quarantine. 

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