Cloud Fax - Classifax and HIPPAA Compliant S-Fax

Cloud Fax, FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol), Internet Fax

No matter what you call it, Cloud Fax is an important way to increase efficiency, decrease waste, and, in many cases, save money for your business.

Instead of using regular copper phone lines to transmit documents, faxes are sent and received electronically over the Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud faxClassifax Cloud Fax

  • No need for fax dedicated phone lines
  • No need for a fax machine, paper, and toner
  • Eliminates shredding of sensitive faxes
  • Eliminates recycling of both paper and toner cartridges
  • Internet Faxes can be sent and received from any computer, smartphone, or tablet where an Internet connection is available, your staff can work from just about anywhere.

Don’t pay for more than you need:

When employing a traditional fax machine and phone line, no matter how small your office is you need at least one machine and phone line — no matter how many will use it.  In a larger office, you may use several fax machines and phone lines, located strategically about the office, to meet your needs. Since not everyone in your office has the need to send and receive faxes, with Classifax and SFax, for a small monthly fee, you can simply license only the people who do.   To further customize to your individual needs, both products offer plans based on the number of pages you send and receive each month.

OTELCO Offers Two Cloud Fax Services:

Our Classifax service has delivered reliable and secure Cloud Fax for business for a couple of years.  Now, we’re pleased to introduce a HIPAA compliant solution for our customers in the healthcare industry.

  • Classifax is secure, versatile, and simple to deploy, manage, and use.
  • SFax offers the same benefits as Classifax, PLUS meets HIPAA requirements.

AND, the OTELCO tradition of superior service as we assist with your decision, ensure the successful deployment of your Internet Faxing solution, and  provide the 24/7 client care that you have become accustomed to.