Common connectivity issues that might be preventing your streaming devices from working properly.

We’ve all been there. You’re settling in with your bowl of popcorn for a family movie night when disaster strikes. Your streaming device is somehow stuck in limbo, unable to connect to and deliver the movie and you’re left without a backup plan.

Streaming devices give you control over just about any entertainment you might want with the click of a button, but there’s nothing worse than realizing that ease of access is unattainable due to a connectivity issue. Before you panic, try these easy methods to troubleshoot your problem and get your system back in action.

Turn it off & back on againSmart TV screen

Possibly the most popular piece of technological advice – for good reason! Yes, sometimes it really is that simple. Restart your streaming device, and you might also want to restart your modem and router while you’re at it. You might also have success logging out and logging back in again to the device you’re trying to use. If none of these options quickly solve your problem, here are some other options you should consider.

Do you have the speed you need?

We talk a lot about the Internet of Things, the increased demands new technologies place on our home networks, and how that has continued to shift rapidly as more and more people have been working (and learning) from home over the past year. Know how much speed you need, and if you might be pushing the limits with your current setup.

Here’s how to calculate how much speed you might realistically be using in your household. Each connected device within your home uses a portion of your overall speed, so if you have phones, tablets, and other smart devices already operating on your network, your streaming device could be pushing you over the edge – resulting in inability to connect, or slow, buffering connections.

A speed test can help determine if you’re getting the appropriate amount of bandwidth through your connection.

Router and wifiIs your hardware up to date?

You can have all the speed you need and then some, but if your router and modem aren’t up to date, you might not be getting full access to that speed. If yours has been around for a while, it’s probably time to think about an upgrade. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to figuring out what will work best for your household.

Consider the placement

You might not realize it, but the location of your router could be limiting your connection. If it’s on or near the ground, tucked away in a closet, or otherwise obstructed, it could be affecting your ability to connect. Wi-fi does travel through walls, but think of distance and obstructions as limiting your connectivity – and the more barriers or space between your router and the streaming device, the harder it is for the two to communicate. Some slight adjustments may make a world of difference.

Need further assistance connecting specific devices to wifi? Visit our FAQs and scroll down to “Connecting to your OTELCO network.”