Corporate Culture:
A look inside OTELCO

Corporate culture is something we hear a lot about today. What about OTELCO?

Today’s new corporate culture includes communication technology that allows people to work with their counterparts virtually anywhere in the world as if they are in the same room; it’s still nice to have face-to-face contact.

A corporate culture of growth and employee retention

Outside Plant Technician, Chris Heald installing fiber at a residential location in Maine.

With our corporate reorganization and re-branding, I assumed the Marketing and Public Relations responsibility for OTELCO operations in Alabama and Missouri along with my existing responsibilities to our New England service areas.  Although, I have been working with staff in our southern footprints by phone and video conference on a regular basis, I wanted to pay a visit for that face-to-face opportunity.  Last week, it was off to Alabama.

More than Just Face-to-Face time, I really learned about family.

I routinely refer to the OTELCO family of companies, serving rural communities for more than a century. ‘Family’ got new meaning for me during my visit. As wonderful as today’s technology is for communicating across the country and the globe, that in-person visit allowed me to experience a sense of family that simply doesn’t come across during a video conference and it emphasized how our corporate culture really shapes the company.

There are members of our staff in Oneonta and Arab, Alabama who have been working for the company for decades.  There are several in the Oneonta office who began their tenure with the Hopper Telephone Company in Walnut Grove, when the Hopper family still owned the company that was originally founded in the early 1900s.   These folks grew up together, went to high school together, raised their kids together, and have dedicated their entire careers to the company; while many are nearing retirement age, most are sticking around.

Corporate culture

Craig Brannon, recently retired, is among several OTELCO employees with tenure exceeding 30 years.

When I spoke to Craig Brannon, one member of the group who is retiring after 32 years, he said, “I love working here.” Actually, I couldn’t find anyone in Alabama who didn’t say they have fun working for OTELCO.  In our New England offices, I tend to take for granted that we also have numerous “life timers”, many with tenures exceeding 20 or 30 years.

OTELCO as a whole has an average employee tenure of 13.7 years, although Craig’s retirement might bring that average down a bit.  That statistic is twice the telecommunication industry average, three times the average across all industries, and, in itself, is a testament to the OTELCO corporate culture.

While this week’s post is a bit different than most, there is good reason.  OTELCO has several positions open in various locations. If you share the OTELCO philosophy of excellent customer care and service, and would like the opportunity to join a family of people who really enjoy their work, who they work with, and who they work for, please visit  OTELCO Careers.

OTELCO is an EEO/Female/Minority/Disabled and Veteran Employer

Author’s Note:
While writing this post, the Mainebiz Daily with this article,  “How to: Attract, hire and retain talented young millennials”, arrived in my inbox.  Interesting timing to say the least, and also inspiring to one of our newest employees.   who, next week, will share her experience here and reflect on the Mainebiz article.