Case Study: The Value of a Twenty Year Partnership with OTELCO
How a Car Dealership Uses SiteLink to Stay Connected

Darling's uses SiteLink to connect all their dealerships, including their Ford, VW, and Audi Dealership in Bangor.

Darling’s uses SiteLink to connect all their dealerships, including their Ford, VW, and Audi Dealership in Bangor.

Darling’s is a Maine based company which has been selling vehicles, parts, and service since 1903 and, more recently, comprehensive insurance coverage through Darling’s Agency. Darling’s has been a valued OTELCO customer for over twenty years. Recently, we sat down with IT Manager Norman Richbell to discuss Darling’s lasting relationship with OTELCO, and their success with our SiteLink product.


As previously mentioned, Darling’s and OTELCO have been working together for a long time. “We have been with OTELCO from day one,” says Norman. According to him, Darling’s and OTELCO have “grown together,” to be the companies they are today. “We enjoy a privileged level of access with OTELCO,” Norman adds, “our relationship is outstanding.”

Strategic Account Manager Tiffany Free, who works directly with Darling’s, agrees. When speaking about her experience with the auto company, Tiffany said: “It is a joy to work with the Darling’s team to make sure their ever-changing needs for technology are met in a professional manner.  I appreciate the business relationship we have built over the years and have been a Darling’s customer personally for years.  It’s a win-win!”

Scope of Services

OTELCO provides Darling’s with a suite of voice and data solutions ranging from hosted phones and call center software to fiber Internet.  OTELCO SiteLink provides the mesh to connect all 9 Darling’s locations seamlessly.

SiteLink is OTELCO’s premier networking solution, designed to streamline efficiency for businesses with multiple offices. Through OTELCO’s cloud, SiteLink can tie together various workplaces into a single unified Local Area Network (LAN).  It provides the geographic capabilities of a Wide Area Network (WAN) but with the speed and security of a LAN.

Pictured is the Darling's Champion the Cure team out the Darling's Agency in Brewer. Darling's uses SiteLink to connect their agency and nine other locations.

Darling’s believes in giving back to their community. Pictured is the Darling’s Champion the Cure team out the Darling’s Agency in Brewer.

Tiffany finds that “SiteLink service is the perfect solution for Darling’s due to their need for reliable and secure connections to each of their dealerships.”  Norman noted that SiteLink provides the company with a “connect-with-anyone-environment,” while granting Darling’s the security and flexibility that they need. “As with most companies, security is a major consideration for us,” remarks Norman “SiteLink really gives us a secure, reliable, high-performance network which is easily scalable.”

The Value of OTELCO

OTELCO is proud to collaborate with companies like Darling’s, and we want to extend our thanks to Norman for sitting down with us.  At OTELCO, we use a combination of effective products like SiteLink and dedicated employees like Tiffany to provide continued reliability for our customers.

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