Desktop Virtualization in the Modern Workplace

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Offices like this are a thing of the past!

Evolving technology is changing the modern workplace. The old picture of an office full of employees, file cabinets, and fax machines is gone. Now 50% of US employees work remotely, all of our information is stored and backed up on servers, and even faxing can be done through the cloud. Today, the picture of the modern workplace is shaped by business technology.

Desktop Virtualization is one of the most popular types of Managed Services on the market. Though not everyone knows it, Desktop Virtualization software is a staple in most offices. It works by storing all the data on your desktop to a central server, instead of just keeping it on your computer.

Why Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is a popular business tool for many reasons, here are just a few of them:

Flexibility: With Desktop Virtualization you can access your work from any device connected to your company’s server as if you were sitting at your own computer. This is ideal for any company with telecommuters, or employees who need to easily switch between devices.

Data Security: When hardware stops working, it can be devastating to productivity. Desktop Virtualization keeps your data stored remotely, so that if the worst were to happen and your computer where to crash, you could easily switch to another network connected device and continue your work.

Savings: Businesses spend precious resources sending their IT personnel out to work on computers in person, especially if that business has multiple locations. With Desktop Virtualization, data and applications are all stored on a central server, allowing your IT department to work on issues remotely and saving your business time and money.

BYOD: Many workplaces have adopted BYOD (bring your own device) policies. When employees use their personal devices, it saves the company thousands of dollars in hardware, but it can create security and compliance issues. Desktop Virtualization makes it easy for IT to keep tabs on personal devices, ensuring company data is secure, and recourses are being used appropriately.

Citrix XenApp Desktop Hosting

Citrix Systems is a leading software company that specializes in, among other things, Desktop Virtualization. OTECLO Cloud and Managed Services is a proud provider of Citrix XenApp Desktop Hosting. This technology allows us to provide cutting edge Desktop Virtualization software, backed by our expert IT staff, all at an affordable price. Next week we will talk to one of our customers about how Citrix XenApp Desktop Hosting through OTELCO C&MS works for them.

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