How the Internet has Changed the Way We Learn: The Many Benefits of eLearning

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There are many benefits to eLearning!

The Internet has opened doors across industries to new ways of doing things, and one area that has been greatly changed by advancements in Internet accessibility is the way in which we learn.

With digital learning, students of all ages are benefiting from opportunities to learn in new ways. Education isn’t restricted to a specific time or location, and adaptive software has the ability to let students learn at a pace that fits their needs. Data provided by these types of learning tools give educators valuable insight to help them tailor lessons to their students’ needs.

These technologies also offer tools for parents to stay on top of their kids’ school work with access to online homework portals that include things like class information, homework assignments, teacher communication, and grades.

Opportunities provided by technological advancements are perhaps most commonly recognized in higher education, where online classes fit the lifestyle of today’s learners. In a study conducted by Best Colleges, convenience and flexibility are overwhelmingly cited as benefits for choosing online learning over traditional on-campus options. 50% of respondents have existing work or family commitments that make it challenging to attend campus-based courses. For this group, online learning opens a world of possibilities to pursue when their schedule allows.

In addition to the benefit of easier accessibility, the Research Institute of America found that eLearning increases retention rates by 25% to 60%, while face-to-face retention rates fall between 8% to 10%. Why? Online learners have more opportunities to learn at their own speed and can easily revisit information that they might need further clarity on.

E-Learning illustrationThis added ease of access to ongoing education also allows workers to continue to develop their skills even after they enter the workforce. Corporate eLearning grew by 900% between 2001 and 2017. According to the Pew Research Center, 73% adults consider themselves lifelong learners, and 63% of those who are working (or 36% of all adults) are “professional learners” who have taken a course or gotten additional training in the past 12 months to improve their job skills or expertise connected to career advancement.

With ever-changing advancements in how the Internet works, we look forward to seeing what comes next in new opportunities for the ways we learn.

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