Five Email Security Tips for Your Business

Email Security graphicEmail security is something all businesses should be prioritizing. Email is the lifeblood of so many organizations, from schools to startups. It is also one of the top ways cybercriminals will infiltrate a network.

Keep the data of your employees, customers, and business safe with these email security best practices.

1.Establish Strong Password Practices

A strong password is the first level of defense against cybercriminals who might want to gain access to an email account. Make sure everyone in your company is familiar with the best password practices. Passwords should be free of easy to guess personal information (e.g., birth year, or pet names) and full of numbers, symbols, and variant capitalization.

Employees should not use their work passwords in multiple places and use two-factor authentication whenever possible. Above all else, no one should ever share their passwords. As an added precaution, you may want to require your employees to change their passwords on a semi-regular basis.

2. Always Utilize Antivirus and Cyber Security Tools

If you have a computer, that computer should have anti-virus. Once you start collecting data, be it on your employees or customers, it becomes your responsibility to ensure its security. Not doing so can leave you wide open to legal ramifications.  However, there is no need to worry because there are many varying levels of protection you can invest in without breaking the bank.

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3. Teach Your Staff How to Spot Phishing Emails

In today’s cyber-centric world, everyone should learn how to spot a phishing email. These emails can lead to dangerous situations like identity theft and Ransomware attacks. More so, they can compromise an organization’s data and cost millions of dollars in recovery.

These are some easy ways to spot a phishing scam:

The Message Asks You to Click on a Link or Attachment

Under no circumstances should anyone ever click on a link or an attachment from a sender they do not know – even if they think it comes from a well-known organization, like Netflix or the IRS.

The Email Asks You to Confirm Personal Information

No legitimate organization will ask you to confirm sensitive information like your password or social security number over email.

The Address Doesn’t Look Genuine

Phishers will try to trick you with an email address that looks like the real deal but are kind of off. Some examples would be #ob#pbyyrpgnoyrf#at#bgrypbpbzzhavpngvbaf.arg#ob# or #ob#nhqvgvat#at#vef.pbz#ob#.

The Email Subject Is Too Good Or Bad To Be True

Phishers will try to convince you that something great will happen (e.g., a free trip), or that something terrible has already happened (e.g., your account was compromised) to get you to open an attachment or click on a link.

Whether you have two employees or 2,000, cybersecurity education is a must. Many managed services providers offer security solutions that include educational resources, like training videos, quizzes, and posters, you can utilize. There are also resources online that you can send out to your team.

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4. Have a Powerful Spam Filter

Defend your inbox with a powerful spam filter. Spam filters act as a middleman, scanning emails to ensure they are legitimate and then only sending the safest ones to your inbox. At this point, email services come equipped with a standard email filter. However, businesses should invest in something a little bit stronger to protect their essential data.

5. Employ an Email Encryption Service

Sensitive data sent over email should always be encrypted. By encrypting an email, you protect the contents by disguising them. If you are going to send sensitive information over email, you will want to invest in an email encryption service. This may sound complicated, but it is actually incredibly simple. With most services, you can encrypt an email with the push of a button, and set-up is equally straight forward.

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OTELCO Has the Tools to Keep Your Inbox Safe

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