Evolution: Digital – A New Podcast from OTELCO

For the past several weeks, we have been working on a new project that we’re excited to bring to you. We’re pleased to present Evolution: Digital, a podcast from OTELCO.

What is Digital Evolution?

In our industry, we think a lot about how technology has changed the way we work over the years. Probably because, as an Internet provider, we have a front-row seat on the changing bandwidth needs of businesses that are going through their own digital evolutions. But what does that mean? To us, digital evolution happens when an organization embraces technology as a way to stay relevant in an increasingly cyber oriented marketplace.

That’s what our podcast, Evolution: Digital, is all about. The way operations have changed across different industries to adapt to changing technology. To further explore these changes, OTELCO Marketing & Public Relations Manager Tracy Scheckel will be speaking with our friends and partners in various industries. Tracy will talk to her guests about their digital evolutions, and the way technology has shifted the way they do business.

Episode One: Nick Battista of the Island Institute of Maine

This week, we launch our podcast with a particularly timely episode. As we’re all working from home, with videoconferencing the new norm for “getting together,” Tracy connects virtually with our first guest, Nick Battista. Nick is the Senior Policy Officer at the Island Institute in Maine. The Island Institute is a non-profit that works with Maine’s island and coastal communities to create a better, more sustainable life for islanders.

In this week’s episode, Tracy and Nick discuss Maine’s island communities and the connectivity matters that are particularly important in rural areas, especially during the time of COVID-19.

Find this episode of Evolution: Digital (and don’t forget to subscribe!) wherever you listen to podcasts to hear what we have in store!

We Want to Hear from You

Do you work in an industry that has seen a significant shift in operations due to digital technology? Is there a specific business or industry you would like to see featured on the show? Please let us know!  OTELCO is always looking for suggestions on guests to feature on Evolution: Digital.

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