Evolution: Digital – Our Top Five Episodes for International Podcast Day

Looking to catch up on season one of Evolution: Digital? Now is the perfect chance! Wednesday was National Podcast day, and in honor of the holiday, we are looking back at Evolution: Digital’s five most popular episodes from season one.

Robbie McAlpine of Alpine Advertising

In episode five, Evolution: Digital host Tracy Scheckel interviewed Robbie McAlpine of Alpine Advertising and WCRL radio. In the episode, Robbie took Tracy through the evolution of his career and the many changes he has seen in both radio and advertising since the rise of the digital age. During the interview, Robbie highlighted his creation of an app that empowers local high-schools to live-stream their own football games through a smartphone app.

Nick Battista of The Island Institute of Maine

Nick Battista was OTELCO’s first podcast guest.  Nick is the Senior Policy Officer at the Island Institute in Maine. The Island Institute is a non-profit that works with Maine’s island and coastal communities to create a better, more sustainable life for islanders. In the episode, Tracy and Nick meet virtually to discuss Maine’s island communities and the connectivity matters that are particularly important in rural areas, especially during COVID-19.

Tina Stone of OTELCO

We are especially fond of season one’s last episode, as it was with OTELCO’s very own account executive, Tina Stone. In this episode, Tracy asked Tina what it was like starting a new job during a pandemic, and how she uses OTELCO’s cloud technology to connect with her clients virtually.

Wes Rakestraw of Wallace State Community College Alabama

Higher education has undoubtedly been on the precipice of the digital evolution. After all, the first computer came out of the University of Pennsylvania in the 1940s. In this episode of Evolution: Digital, Wes takes us through the changes he has seen in his career and what he sees as the future of technology at Wallace State Community College.

Danny Sullivan President of the Downeast Broadband Utility

Though it was the sixth episode we released, Danny was actually our first guest on the podcast. Danny is one of Maine’s biggest broadband proponents, working to bring both the paper mill industry and the down east community into the digital evolution. Tracy and Danny could talk about Broadband for hours, of course, in this episode, we had to limit them to just 20 minutes.

Evolution: Digital Wants to Hear from You

OTELCO is looking for new guests for season two of Evolution: Digital. Do you work in an industry that has seen a significant shift in operations due to digital technology? Is there a specific business or industry you would like to see featured on the show? Please let us know! 

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