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Welcome to Evolution Digital, a podcast that explores how different industries have had to adapt in order to compete in today’s digital market place. 

Hosted by OTELCO Marketing and PR Manager Tracy Scheckel, each episode of Evolution: Digital features a new guest from a different industry. Tracy will discuss with her guests how the digital age has changed operations in their organization, and how they see technology further shaping their industry.  Education, the pulp and paper industry, advertising and broadcast media,  economic development, and community sustainability are a few of the topics Evolution: Digital will cover.


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A picture of OTELCO Marketing and PR manager, Tracy Scheckel, the host of Evolution Digital

OTELCO Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Tracy Scheckel.

Meet Your Host

Tracy Scheckel is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at OTELCO.  She brings more than 30 years of experience to the position.  Her career began in architectural interior design, where in addition to design, her role included business development.  To complement her partner’s architecture practice, Tracy attained a real estate broker’s license and specialized in commercial development, where she developed a passion for economic and community development.  In the early 90s, she gained non-profit experience with the American Red Cross to serve as an interim executive director to help revitalize a small local chapter. She was recruited because of her PR and development expertise. Before joining OTELCO, Tracy freelanced as a writer for several local news publications and worked in municipal government in economic development and public communication.

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