What is the ONT (Optical Network Terminal)?


ONT connections. Click image to view larger.

The ONT is a network interface device used with fiber-optic systems. The ONT is the demarcation point between the LeverettNet fiber-optic network and the subscriber premises Ethernet wiring to the subscriber router, which serves the subscriber’s devices. The ONT converts optical signals into electrical signals, and vice-versa. The ONT terminates the fiber optic line in an inner compartment and the premises Ethernet and telephone wiring in an outer compartment. The ONT is powered from the subscriber premises electrical system, through an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) unit.

NOTE: The ONT is the property of the Town of Leverett. It is not to be painted, moved, adjusted, or tampered with.

The homeowner may access only the outer compartment behind the weatherproof exterior door—which is secured by an ordinary slotted screw—for ports to connect premises Ethernet and telephone wiring. Operational status lights are visible in this outer compartment.