Gigabit Internet Equipment:
Is yours up to the task?

Last week we learned about Gigabit Internet.   Whether you opt for the service because you want to be the envy of your pals or whether you have a house full of devices and users and need gigabit speeds, your home gigabit internet equipment will play a big part in maximizing the delivered bandwidth (speed).

Today’s technology offers Gigabit download with 2 types of technology, Fiber Optic (FTTP) or Coaxial Cable over the DOCSIS 3.1 platform.  Both Fiber and Cable can deliver Gigabit download speeds, and while upload speeds with Cable are substantially higher than DSL, (reaching 100 Mbps and more) it is Fiber that delivers symmetrical (same upload and download) speeds.

Your CPE (customer premise equipment) is what brings the signal into your home or business.  Fiber employs an ONT (optical network terminal) and Cable uses a modem to do that.

TP-Link Gigabit WiFi Router

A wireless AC router, like this model from TP-Link, is an important component of your Gigabit internet equipment.

Beyond the ONT or Modem, you may use a router to connect multiple devices at your location and / or create dedicated networks within your network.  An example of this would be to set up a guest network that’s separate from your private network allowing your visitors to access the Internet without having access to your personal files.

Routers come in different configurations.  Some modems have routers built into them; most routers are stand alone.  Routers can have several channels for setting up those additional networks, and there are also wired, wireless, and hybrid models offering both ethernet and wireless connectivity.

The bottom line is that your modem and router must be compatible with gigabit Internet for you to take full advantage of your gigabit service.

With the right equipment, you’ll maximize your gigabit connection, and all your devices and users will have the bandwidth they need.

Here’s a Quick Look at the Options for Gigabit Internet Equipment

Gigabit over Fiber Equipment
OTELCO provides DOCSIS 3.1 compatible cable modems, if your provider doesn’t provide you modem or if you choose for some reason to purchase one, make sure make sure the modem is labeled DOCSIS 3.1 ready and any router you may purchase is GbE or Gigabit rated for wired transmission and 802.11 ac or better for wireless.

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