Fiber Internet is coming to more locations in Gray and New Gloucester

Project Update 6-18-2021

More than 44 miles of fiber cable has been placed in Gray.  Next up is the installation of Local Convergence Points (LCPs) The first could be as soon as the end of June.  When an LCP is installed, the neighborhood it serves will be eligible for installation.  As soon as service is available in a neighborhood, we’ll contact anyone who has signed up for priority installation.

OTELCO is excited to announce that we’re building OTELCO Lightwave Fiber Internet to approximately 4,000 locations in Gray and New Gloucester in the coming few months.  With symmetrical speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, we have the speed you need!   If you’d like to learn more, we will be making a short presentation about the project at the New Gloucester Select board meeting on May 17th and at the Gray Town Council meeting on May 18th.  Remember to check back here for periodic project updates.

Approximate Build Areas shaded in blue

OTELCO has already constructed Lightwave Fiber internet to approximately 260 locations in Gray and New Gloucester, check here to see if you’re already in a Lightwave Zone.

If you’re NOT already in one of our Lightwave Zones in Gray or New Gloucester, check here to see if your location is part of our new build.

What if you’re not part of the planned build area?

Please fill out the form anyway, if we find overwhelming interest, we may consider expanding the build sometime in the future. (Think Crowdsourcing here people!)

OTELCO Lightwave Fiber Internet is not just faster, it’s better!

Check out this video to learn more.