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Cut the Cable DSL Sale DSL from OTELCO: If you haven’t tried our DSL, or if you had DSL and have left us, we want you back. For a limited time, OTELCO is offering DSL at a special introductory price of $19.99 per month. We’ll give you the highest available bandwidth for you location for 6 months at this rate. Call Customer Care at 866-746-3873 and mention Cut the Cable to take advantage of this… Read more »

Customer News

Your DSL Speeds May Be Faster! OTELCO is adjusting the way we deliver your DSL, meaning that you may see faster DSL download speeds.  Beginning around June 1, you may experience an increase in speed from 3 mbps to 4 and from 9 mbps to 10 depending on your location and distance from our switch and remote locations.  There is no additional charge for this increase, but please remember that DSL speeds do vary by… Read more »

The DSL Speed You Need…..

We have some good news! Your internet downloads may be speeding up a bit…… We have made some switching changes that may provide you with faster download speeds. On or about June 1, 2015, those of you who currently have download speeds up to 3 and 9 megabytes per second may see an increase in download speed up to 4 and 10 megabytes per second respectively. Please note: There is no additional charge for this… Read more »