The Best of 2017 and Our Hi-Speed Broadband Resolution for 2018

As 2017  closes, we look back at our most popular posts.  Since they were so popular, we thought you might like to take a look.  You may observe a theme here too!

Fiber tot he home constructionOur #1 most read blog, Fiber to the Home Season Heats Up at OTELCO, shared information about a few of our current Fiber to the Premise projects.

Next was Getting DSL to 40Mbps and Faster While We Build an All-Fiber Network, that explained our interim measures until we can build fiber everywhere.

Number 3, Massachusetts’ Hilltowns are Taking Control of Last-Mile Broadband, shares what municipalities in western Massachusetts are doing to accelerate the process of hi-speed broadband delivery to their rural communities.

Finally, One Net Neutrality Battle is Lost, but the War Continues, discusses our continued commitment to fight for Net Neutrality. We know you’re passionate about this too since the post is only two weeks old and is already our fifth most popular of 2017.

OK, so back to that theme we mentioned earlier…… We’ve blogged about numerous topics ranging from our products and services to Internet privacy and security. What rose to the top according to our readers is Hi-speed broadband access.

As we look forward to 2018 and beyond, in addition to our commitment to excellent products and services and superior customer care; our focus will be to continue to do our part to bridge the digital divide in all the areas we serve.

  • We’ll build new fiber to the premise infrastructure.

  • We’ll underwrite digital literacy training.

  • We’ll champion for Net Neutrality.