Today’s Home Automation Technology Gives Hooch a Rest

Home Automation Technology and Security – For the Dogs?

For centuries, home security has gone to the dogs – literally! If an intruder came close, Hooch’s bark would alert anyone in the house and the immediate neighbors and, hopefully, intimidate the intruder into retreat. The proverbial guard dog security system was relatively inexpensive – pet food, an occasional trip to the vet – but not always totally reliable. If no one was around to hear Hooch, or if the intruder had no fear, the ‘system’ would fail. Home automation is ready to give Hooch a well-deserved break.

Advances in Technology Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Traditional home security systems that employ telephone lines and an off-site provider are quite common and can be pricey. They can include alarms, door and window sensors, and other surveillance technology. Generally they require the vendor or service provider to do installation and make any system adjustments that you might require.   Benefit: Hooch gets to retire.

The Home Automation Evolution Continues

Not only does today’s generation of go well beyond these traditional devices, they are easy to self-install, and completely customizable. With Internet and smart phone technology, home automation has become more accessible and far more affordable.

Imagine being able to monitor your heating and air-conditioning systems from a smart phone, or accessing surveillance video, or even activating an alarm system that you forgot to set when you left the house. Thanks to the internet, you can.

Smart plugs give you remote control of any electrical device or appliance in your home that has an on/off switch. Heat sensors can alert you to extreme changes in temperature in your home, and notify you if a carbon or smoke detector has been activated. There are even sensors that can alert you to a water leak.  Benefit: Not only can you keep an eye on Hooch who is obviously looking for trouble due to boredom from retirement, you can actually talk to him via 2-way audio cameras.

Aging in Place and Independent Living are no joke.

(Sadly, Hooch never got the chance)

Some of the latest advances in home automation technology are dedicated to aging in place and independent living for the disabled. We all know about “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”; what happens if a loved one falls and can’t press that panic button? There’s a sensor for that. How can you be sure that your loved one is taking their medicine when necessary? Not only are there dispenser devices to remind the person to take person to take meds, there are also devices to alert you if the meds haven’t been taken as scheduled. Today’s technology even offers sensors that will alert you if your loved one isn’t performing his or her basic daily activities. Home automation is but one benefit to those wishing to age in place and the disabled, but access to broadband internet offers so much more to that population and the folks who care for them. Stay tuned for an even deeper look.

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