Can a Home VPN Protect Your Internet Privacy When the FCC Won’t?

A home VPN is one way to ensure your privacy on the Internet — especially now that the government has ended privacy rules governing ISPs.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is exactly what its name says.  It’s a secure private network in the cloud, meaning it’s virtual.  Many businesses employ VPNs to provide network security and ensure that employees can securely work from remote locations.

A home VPN alters your Internet footprint.

Without a home VPN, your ISP gives you access to the open Internet and essentially can see wherever you visit.  With a VPN, when you surf the Internet, you are first directed and connected to a secure server; your ISP can’t see that connection.

Home VPN Configuration

From there you go back out to the Internet but the last thing your ISP knows about you is the location of that secure server.  You are incognito from that point on. Conversely, when you download or view information online, the signal or data that comes to you make a stop at that secure server, so the only thing that edge providers see is that location and nothing about who you are or where your computer is.

Think about it this way, you’re Clark Kent walking to a store to pick up a rival newspaper looking for a new job. You don’t want anyone to know about it and you’re being followed.  You duck into a nearby phone booth (if you can find one) and make a quick change; Superman comes out and heads to the newsstand.  The person following you sees someone else come out and can no longer keep track of you or where you’re going.

Then when you leave the store someone else follows you.  You pop back into that same phone booth and do another quick change before heading home.  Again, you managed to ditch your tail, and you can go home without anyone knowing where you shopped or what you bought.,, and PC Magazine have some great information comparing the different VPN options.

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