Hosted PBX: to Self-Install or Not to Self-Install

Where Hosted PBX is concerned, sometimes it’s OK to listen to the little voices in your head.

Now that you’ve considered the logistical and financial pros and cons of a hosted vs a premise-based phone system, you’re ready to purchase and install your hosted PBX system, right?  Not so fast, even though you’ve made the decision to go hosted, you still have one more decision to make.

Full Service or Self Service?

Many hosted providers offer a plug ‘n’ play deployment for their phone systems.  Since the backbone of a hosted system is off-site, all of the programming can be done in advance, and the individual phones can be pre-programmed with the desired features.  Then the provider simply ships the phones to the business, and with the help of written instructions, and in some cases a video, the business owner can install and activate all the phones.

This may all sound like fun if you’re a DIYer with some techy in you.  If not, there is another way:

 The Full-Service Provider

A full-service provider does things a bit differently.  Rather than be faced with all of those “easy” steps that are really only easy when everything goes right, you can bypass many pitfalls by having your provider do these things for you:

If the DIY in you prevails and full-service installation and training don’t appeal to you, there is one other thing to consider:

Customer Service AFTER The Deployment

In many cases, Hosted PBX customer service can be handled over the phone or Internet, after all it is in the ‘cloud’.  But, every now and then, you just need to see a human at your location.  Chances are, the Phone in the Box provider is not local and will have to find a local subcontractor to troubleshoot the issue.  On the other hand, your full-service provider is likely to send a technician who was there for the initial install, or who has had an in-depth briefing about your HPBX Phone deployment.

Both options will satisfy your goal to move to a Hosted PBX phone system, but if reducing internal IT dependency is also a consideration, the full-service provider is more likely to fit the bill.  So do not discount those little voices in your head!

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