Hosted Phones, a Tool for All Seasons; Play Hooky with Hosted phones

Some of you may remember last winter in Maine. We talked about the versatility of hosted phones and how they can keep the wheels of progress rolling, even when the wheels of your car are stopped by the weather. On one particular day, there were several of us working from home while seamlessly connected to our offices via hosted phones and the Internet.

Maybe it’s best not to think of that right now, so what if we turned the tables on that discussion?

Well now it’s summer, with only half remaining, and we have a little secret for you…..
Hosted Phones!


Are you a workaholic?  Would you like to work where you play – if for no other reason than to keep the peace with your better half?

Anywhere you travel that has an Internet connection can be your remote office. You can take your hosted phone, plug it in and you’ll be the only one to know that you’re not at your desk. If you’re really roughing it and have no Internet service, but a decent cellphone signal, you can have your desk phone forward to your cell phone. Either way, you can be with the family and still stay on top of whatever is happening at the office.


Is your business crazy in the summer because the kids are out of school?  Do you need a revolving door for your distracted staff that is always in and out while trying to juggle to kids and the job?

You can reduce stress and increase productivity all around by allowing staff to telecommute when feasible. Hosted phones can provide the versatility and functionality for almost every aspect of your business. With a home Internet connection, a computer, and a hosted phone, your staff can do their job from the comfort of their home, and likely do it more efficiently once the kid care stress is factored out.

Is it playing hooky if you’re working at the beach?

Forward your hosted phone to your cellphone/mobile hotspot, grab your laptop, a chair, some sunscreen, and a towel. Except for the crashing of the surf, who would know you’re at the beach.

We promise. We won’t tell!


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