Preparing for your HPBX Installation

Once you’ve made the decision to go hosted, even with a full service provider, there are a couple of things that you can do to be sure that the HPBX installation goes smoothly.

Network preparation is important to the quality of your VoIP calls.  Your full service provider will work with you to conduct an assessment, but it’s best for you to have at least a general understanding of how your network operates and its capacity.

Network Considerations for HPBX InstallationHPBX Installation

  1. Even if your office is on a wireless network, you’ll need a Wired Ethernet Jack at each phone location
  2. POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch(s) to provide power to each phone
    1. If POE switches are not being used, you’ll need an AC receptacle within three feet of each phone location
  3. If your phone vendor is not providing Internet Access you’ll need
    1. A router capable of QoS to provide priority to VoIP calls
    2. To ensure SIP ALG is turned off from Router
    3. To ensure SIP ALG is turned off from Cable Modem
  4. If your vendor is providing Internet access you’ll need to ensure the switch is capable of VLAN segmentation

A seamless Hosted PBX installation is a 2 way street between the provider and the owner, and the single most important thing you can do is to designate a single point of contact to act on your behalf and interact directly with your provider’s representative.  This person should be familiar with your existing network and what, if anything, is being done to adjust for your HPBX installation; have an understanding of the phones and features you’ve contracted for, and be aware of any phone numbers that need to be added or moved to the new system.

In addition to providing quality assurance on your behalf, this point person should work with your provider to develop a training schedule with ample time for all staff to receive user training on your new Hosted PBX system.  Although most hosted phone models are simple to use, there are many features that can save time and money if used to their potential.  Well-executed training will ensure that your staff gets the most functionality of the new phones.

Onboarding, or the actual activation of each individual phone, is another area where your point person can assist.  Coordinating the installation at each desk with minimal or no interruption to your business is the goal here.  A point person who knows about office operations and their associated communication needs is a valuable asset to a reputable provider working to minimize interruption to daily operations during the onboarding process.

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