Five Reasons Parents Should Keep Their Landline Phone

OTELCO has five reasons why you should keep your Landline around.

With over half of the U.S. living in cellphone-only households, the idea of keeping (let alone buying) a landline phone may seem outdated. However, safety, peace of mind, and savings are still relevant, and a landline phone can offer all of that. In fact, we can give you five solid reasons why parents should hold on to that landline copper phone.

1. Peace of Mind

We all know cell phones are not foolproof, and certainly not kid-proof. They break, they get lost, and they die all the time. If you are leaving your child home alone, knowing that they have a fail-safe way to reach out can – dare I say – give you some precious peace of mind.

Same goes for leaving your child with a babysitter. Do you trust 100% that high-school-senior-Sally won’t forget where she left her phone, or remember to keep it charged and within her grasp? Knowing you can reach Sally via the landline will give you some security and allow you to worry less about what is going on at home when you are out enjoying some kid-free time.

Life Hack: Having a home-phone is also a great way to find a lost cell that little hands may have stashed away. Just give it a call and follow the ring.

2. Holding off on a cell phone

Choosing the right time to get your kiddo a cell phone can be tricky. In the U.S., the average age a child receives their first cell phone is 12, but there is no steadfast rule about what age is appropriate. If you have a child below that age of 12, or just want to hold off a little longer before letting them go mobile, a landline phone is a great way to ensure that your child can keep in touch with loved ones and most importantly, that they can reach out for help in an emergency.

Life Hack: Remember speed dial? You can program buttons on your landline phone to automatically call specific numbers, and then teach your young one which number to press. You can even mix it up with a fun numbers chart by the phone that displays pictures of loved ones besides their corresponding speed dial number!

3. Emergencies

Emergency preparedness is the biggest reason to have a landline phone.  Like we mentioned earlier, cell phones are not infallible. What if your phone gets water damaged in a flood? What happens when the electricity is out, and your phone dies?  What do you do when a cell tower goes down? A landline will be there for you through all of that, so you can call a loved one to check in, report an outage with your power company, or, if need be, call emergency services for help. This is especially important for households in severe weather climates or with elderly, disabled, or ailing family members.

Life Hack: When you call 911 with a landline phone, dispatchers can quickly and effectively pinpoint your location. According to the FCC, cellphones only allow call centers to pinpoint to the nearest cell site, which in rural areas can cost emergency responders precious time.

4. Easy Learning

Landline phones are the easiest way to teach your child how to dial out. They have bigger buttons and no digital distractions. They are also an excellent tool for teaching your child basic phone etiquette, like politely asking who is calling, identifying themselves over the phone, and leaving voicemails (a real lost art in today’s email and text-based world).  Who doesn’t love a polite child?

Life Hack: This can also be an opportunity for your child to prove themselves responsible enough to use a cell phone. Make the landline their responsibility. If they can maintain it and use it correctly, then that shows you that they are ready for a cell phone.

5. Savings

Last but not least, a landline can save you money! Bundling phone and Internet together is a great way to cut down your monthly bill. Check out some of OTELCO’s bundling deals below:

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