LAN WAN or OTELCO SiteLink? What’s right for your business?

Do you need a LAN WAN or something else to connect your business?

A LAN, or Local Area Network is a private computer network that connects computers in small physical areas such as a single building or a business, university, or hospital campus.  A WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a network that connects computers in different geographical locations over the public Internet.

Sometimes LANs and WANs are used together.  An example is a state university with multiple campuses.  At each campus, a LAN may connect all the computers in all the buildings, and a WAN might be employed to connect each of those campuses to one another.


While each has a distinct application, there are pros and cons that should be considered.  By nature, a LAN offers faster data transfer speeds and better security because the network is private.  LANs are often less expensive to operate; have fewer reliability issues, and require less costly equipment, where a WAN is superior in its ability to connect over large geographic areas.

OTELCO SiteLink is a product that provides the best of both LAN WAN worlds.

SiteLink offers the geographic benefits of a WAN with the speed and security of a LAN, by replacing the public Internet with OTELCO’s private network to securely connect multiple geographic locations for individual businesses and institutions.

SiteLink in Practice

  • An OTELCO SiteLink deployment for a major Maine financial institution with multiple locations.  As one might guess, sensitive personal and financial information sharing is a primary function of any financial institution. SiteLink provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity between multiple branches, allowing the company to provide seamless service to its customers.
  • A non-profit social services agency, also in Maine, shares sensitive client information between 17 locations.  Again, SiteLink delivers a secure communication path for all locations.

With the help of our Sales Engineer, Dan Baker, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison matrix between LAN WAN and OTELCO SiteLink, and it’s free!

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