Expanding Lightwave in Arab: An Educational Video

OTELCO created this educational video for the Arab community to explain the superior speeds of Lightwave fiber and to provide an update on the success of the Arab build. You can view the video below or read on for a summary of the information.

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What Sets Lightwave Fiber Apart from DSL

Lightwave fiber is superior to DSL because it uses the power of light to produce high-speed and reliable Internet. It does this with extremely thin glass fibers, a tenth of the size of a human hair. Data is sent through these fibers as binary code embedded in laser beams that literally travel at the speed of light to and from your home. All of this is possible through a physical phenomenon called total internal reflection. DSL sends data through copper lines, which is known to cause attenuation or the weakening or loss of a signal.

Another considerable difference between fiber and DSL is fiber’s ability to provide symmetrical download and upload speeds. For those who might not know the difference between upload and download, here is a quick lesson. Whenever you buy broadband from an Internet service provider (ISP), two numbers are used to measure your bandwidth.

For example, OTELCO’s introductory Lightwave package is 100/100 Mbps. The first number is your download speed, which you use for most Internet activities, such as streaming TV or surfing the web. The second number is your upload speed, which you use to upload information to the Internet, like posting videos or sending documents to the cloud.

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Building a Lightwave Network in Arab

Lightwave build in Arab is over halfway complete. The build is conducted in phases based on the locations of our Local Convergence Points, or LCPs.

As of the first of February, we have built an additional 71 miles of fiber in Arab, and parts of Joppa. Those miles included 2,150 new locations, which is over half of the estimated 4,100 locations we expect to cover by the end of the build this April. Below are maps of all the completed phases.

We will notify the newly eligible locations by mail with letters and postcards as each new phase of the project is completed.  So, keep an eye on your mail and give us a call at 833-OTELCO-1 when you get that letter. If you know you live in a proposed Lightwave Zone but haven’t received a letter yet, you can visit our Arab Expansion Page to complete our Fiber Interest form and register for free installation!

Not sure if you are eligible for fiber? Check out the Lightwave Locator to see if you live in a Lightwave Zone!

A Special Lightwave Offer for Arab

For a limited time, you can get $10/ off a month during your first year of Lightwave! Lightwave is offered at two speeds, 100/100 Mbps, and 300/300 Mbps. You can see our different Lightwave packages below, including our bundling opportunities.

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