Dig Safe! It’s the Law!

1 800 DIG SAFE or 811Dig Safe

Spring is that wonderful time of year when we plant our gardens, install swimming pools and embark on home repairs and construction.  It’s important to remember to Dig Safe as we undertake those projects.

Digging can be dangerous and costly when underground utilities are damaged.  In addition to service outages, utility accidents can be harmful to life, property, and the environment.  Fines for violating DigSafe rules can be as much as $10,000.

According to DigSafe, “Whether you’re a contractor excavating for a large project or a homeowner installing a mailbox, anyone who conducts earth moving activities should contact Dig Safe before starting.”

Call  1-800-DIG SAFE or 811 to notify DigSafe of your plans to excavate.  DigSafe will notify any utility companies whose underground facilities may be impacted, and the utility will come out and mark the locations of their lines or pipes.

DigSafe rules vary by state. In Vermont and West Virginia, a 72 hour notice prior to planned excavation is required, in Maine, 48 hour notice is required.  Visit digsafe.com for more information and all the rules that apply to your location.