Internet TV: Take Back Your TV with GMA Video powered by OTELCO

Internet TV?

Hey Shoreham it’s time to take back your TV with Internet TV from OTELCO!

Now, when you cut the cable and switch to OTELCO DSL, you can REALLY cut the cable! Thanks to our relationship with Green Mountain Access (GMA) video, you can subscribe and receive all your local channels and have the entertainment world at your fingertips via the internet.

Internet TVTired of paying for channels you never watch, all so you can see local programming? Are you sneaking your kids’ game consoles to access streaming content on your TV? Does your monthly cable bill rival your weekly food bill? And…. when you call customer care, who’s at the other end of the phone? More importantly, where are they?

With GMA Video, powered by OTELCO, your customer care is local; your monthly bill is less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day; and aside from your local channels, YOU choose what services to subscribe to for additional content. With a Roku box and just $15.95 / month, your TV is back in your control! Enjoy all your local programming including WCAX Extra, CW Plus, MeTV, WETK (Vermont Public Television PBS), Create, World, WCFE (Mountain Lake PBS), and MHz Worldview; PLUS have access to subscribe to your favorite streaming content from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and more.  You can that you can either purchase your Roku through OTELCO or from numerous retailers.

If you’ve already cut the cable and have a smart TV with Roku built in, with GMA Video powered by OTELCO, you ‘ll access to the local channels you’re missing without the need for additional equipment.

Enjoy the convenience of a single bill for your telephone, DSL and local TV. Call us now, 877-746-3873, and Take Back Your TV with Internet TV provided by GMA Video and powered by OTELCO!