Maine Goes Gold in the Month of September
Gray, ME

Proclamation: Going Gold in the Month of September

Proclamation: Going Gold in the Month of September

The State of Maine is Going Gold in the month of September to support Childhood Cancer Awareness.

Team Hailey's Hugs is a non-profit orginization inspired by10-year-old Hailey Steward, a young Maine girl who passed away from B-Cell ALL leukemia.

Hailey’s Hugs is a non-profit dedicated to helping families of childhood cancer and to inspire the world to GO GOLD!

WHEREAS, cancer is the leading cause of death by disease among U.S. children and is detected in more than 15,000 of our country’s sons and daughters every year; and

WHEREAS, In the State of Maine cancer affects more than 50 new children and families annually, where more than 400 children are undergoing treatment currently and where we are ranked in the top range of incidence of all cancers at 468.3 per 100,000 people; and

WHEREAS, September is nationally recognized as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; and

WHEREAS, thanks to ongoing advances in research and treatment, the five-year survival rate for all childhood cancers has climbed from less than 50 percent to 80 percent over the last several decades; and

WHEREAS, innovative studies are leading to real breakthroughs reminding us of the importance of supporting scientific discovery and moving closer to finding cures, though much work remains to be done; and

WHEREAS, 1 and 5 children diagnosed will not survive, during National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month we remember the many children who have been taken from us too soon and we extend our support to all those who continue to battle this illness with incredible strength and courage.

We proclaim that the Town of Gray will help Maine Go Gold in support of Team Hailey Hugs and all of the children and families affected by Childhood Cancer and in doing so from this day forward recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is our way of paying tribute to the families, friends, professionals, and communities who lend their strength to children fighting pediatric cancer.

Gray Town Council
Bruce Foshay
Sandra Carder
Jason Wilson
Dan Maguire
Sharon Young