OTELCO Brings You Home Automation

Just what is home automation? It’s technology that, with any smart device, keeps you connected to your home from pretty much anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Sound a bit like Sci-Fi flick?

Maybe, but the future is now, and this technology is literally in the palm of your hand. Today’s cloud powered home automation solutions offer home security devices, home safety and energy efficiency tools, and products to assist with aging in place and independent living for both the elder population and those with disabilities.

OTELCO has designed 2 distinct home automation base models that include the HUB (essentially the brains of the outfit):

The Security Module
At your home, door and window sensors, cameras, remote control key fobs, a motion sensor and a siren protect your home while deterring intruders. Wherever you are, you will receive instant alerts on your smart deice is any sensor is activated.

The Care Module
This option includes a panic button, a fall sensor – should the person not be able to press the panic button, a 2-way audio HD camera, a siren that can be programmed to sound when there’s an emergency, and a remote key fob to give you even more control. Any trigger event instantly sends a notification to care givers.

Want to customize or expand your Home Automation system?

OTELCO offers 3 add-on modules that are designed to augment either the Care or Security Module:
The Safety Add-On includes smoke / carbon / heat detectors, a water leak sensor, a garage door tilt sensor, and a smart plug that allows you to control any On/Off appliance remotely.
The Security Add-On offers additional door / window sensors and an additional remote key fob.
The Care Add-On gives you 4 additional panic buttons so that one is always handy. (Coming Soon)

Interested in a la carte items?

All of our sensors and detectors are available for purchase individually once you have one of the base models.

Our OTELCO Home Automation products are affordably priced, and more importantly easy to self-install, and even easier to use. Call our Customer Care team 866-746-3873 for more information, or visit the Residential section of our website for more information.

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