OTELCO Service Response Exceeds PUC Benchmark

The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) requires quarterly reporting from telecommunication companies that includes a category called  “Percentage of Network Troubles Not Resolved Within 24 Hours” and represents the percentage of network-related service troubles reported to the service provider that were not cleared within 24 hours. PUC has set a benchmark goal of 12.35% in this category meaning that 87.65% of network troubles should be resolved within 24 hours. The OTELCO companies, Mid Maine Communications,… Read more »

A Bit of History

Did you know… that OTELCO has evolved from a family of local telecommunication companies that have been providing service for more than 100 years? As far back as the late 1800s, local businessmen and farmers formed small rural phone companies with their own money and equipment in order to keep their communities connected. And you thought ‘shop local’ was something new. Today, the OTELCO family of companies in Mid-Maine; Gray and New Gloucester, Maine; Southern Maine;… Read more »

Maine Narrow Gauge Rail and Museum Moving to Gray

In the late 19th century, a unique system of railroads developed in Maine. In order to serve a large geographic area with a small population, the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad was born. Trains running on 2’ wide rails carried freight and passengers, providing a connection between the state’s less populated rural areas and its larger cities. Eventually there were five railroads covering 200 miles of track that served the state from the 1870s to the… Read more »

Early Winter Storm – Vermont

As told by Scott Bartlett, OTELCO Director of Outside Plant & Engineering Apparently Mother Nature was looking at the wrong calendar when she delivered a major taste of winter in and around Shoreham before the season officially began. By early afternoon on December 9 the snow began to fall, by 4:30 the first of our OTELCO customers was down due to power outages. For the next 3 days the snow continued with the bulk falling… Read more »

OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services

If you understand the importance of cutting-edge technology to your business, but would rather spend your time actually running and growing your business, OTELCO Cloud and Managed Services has just what you’re looking for. Imagine not worrying about downed servers, lost data, or failed email. Imagine being able to plan for growth with the confidence that your company’s technology is up to the task and can keep pace. From technology consulting to network development and… Read more »