First Congregational Church Bean Suppers


In almost every month, the First Congregational Church in Gray hosts bean suppers. All the suppers include: Baked Beans – both Red Kidney and Pea Casseroles Salads Homemade Breads Desserts Beverages. The suppers are on the fourth Saturday of the month, 5:00 P. M. at the First Congregational Church, Route 115, Gray, ME. The cost for Adults is$8.00, and for children under 12 is $4.00. The facility is handicapped accessible. FMI contact 657-4279, day of… Read more »

We are SO excited to share this news with you!

We have a new name Well, actually it’s not so new; those of you in Alabama and Missouri are more used to the OTELCO brand, although OTELCO, Reliable Networks,  and i-Land have been a part of the OTELCO family as well.  It’s time for a little facelift and to bring the entire family together. For more than a century, the OTELCO family of communication companies has been providing rural communities with cutting edge technology, first… Read more »

If you’re planning to give, or hoping to receive a smart device for Christmas, read this first!

Smart devices are everywhere, phones, activity trackers, smart speakers, home security and automation systems.  Everyday these items get more affordable and it seems like everyday a new device s introduced. In a recent blog, we got into the weeds a bit about how these devices work and what they know and share about you. Here are some Security and Privacy Tips for your Device Read and understand the privacy policy of the voice activated device… Read more »

Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) in our service area in Vermont

If you live in Cornwall VT on portions of Cider Mill Road, or Ridge Road, or on a portion of Main Street in Shoreham, you may be eligible for Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) at your location. Out FTTP product delivers symmetrical speeds (same upload as download) ranging from 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps. We will be mailing information to the eligible homes along the fiber routes.  Please feel free to call in and check… Read more »

What is Net Neutrality?

Why it is important? Net neutrality means that you Internet provider can’t block or throttle content or charge a fee to content providers such as Netflix and Amazon. Very simply, net neutrality rules ensure that all Internet traffic travels freely in both directions. What does it mean to you? It means that when you access any content on the Internet, whether a website or streaming video or audio, there is no restriction on how fast… Read more »