Phone and DSL Bundle for Your Peace of Mind

A Phone and DSL bundle? Why do you need both? Consider this…….

How Safe Are You at Home in an Emergency?

There are many aspects of emergency preparedness to consider.

  • Fire safety and fire prevention. We should all have family escape plans in place in the case of a fire or any other reason that requires evacuation.
  • Keep a supply of fresh drinking water on hand, in case your water supply, public or private becomes compromised.
  • Dialing 911 in an emergency is something we all take for granted. Many of us consider our cell phone an important resource in an emergency, and have replaced our home phones with cell phones. While cell phones are very convenient and smart phones give you the world at your fingertips, they are not fail-safe, and should not be your only communication solution in an emergency.

Consider this scenario:
A major weather event takes out not only power, but also damages cell towers. Even a cell phone with a good charge won’t work if you need assistance in an emergency. If you still have traditional phone service, your cordless home phones won’t work without electricity. The least vulnerable method of communication in such an event is a plain old corded telephone.

While such an occurrence  is fairly uncommon, it does happen. A look at Hurricane Sandy provides one recent example of a storm-related major communication breakdown – including wireless communication. That massive failure of communications systems prompted President Obama to form the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. The task force produced a 200-page report that included a proposal that the federal government develops a strategy to ensure that wireless phone and data networks as well as consumer communications devices can be maintained during super storms and other disasters.

Traditional phone service was not immune to the effects of Sandy, however, where lines weren’t damaged and gas powered generators were employed at telephone company central offices, at least some phone service was restored. In those cases, anyone with a traditional landline and corded phone could make calls.

Phone and DSL Bundle

While nothing is fail-safe when disaster strikes, maintaining a traditional copper landline with a corded phone in your home is a simple, inexpensive way to better your chances of uninterrupted communication availability in an emergency.

For your Peace of Mind, OTELCO is offering special pricing on Phone and DSL bundles AND — if you need one — a free corded phone with a 2 year contract.

A Corded Landline Might Be Your Lifeline.
To learn about the most affordable way to have this simple emergency preparedness resource, and be eligible for a complimentary corded telephone, please call 866-746-3873 or complete the form below.


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