Touch A Truck 2015

CollageOTELCO supports many local charities and community organizations, not the least of which is the Gray New Gloucester Auxiliary Food Pantry. Every year, we deliver one of our more unique vehicles for the children attending to explore and learn about.

This year, at a summer staff picnic, we rented a dunk tank and charged employees either a non-perishable item or a dollar to take a shot at dunking or shooting the hose at 2 very brave volunteer staff members (They weren’t that brave as it was 90+ degrees that day). When all was said and done, we had collected $60 and about 50 lbs. of non-perishable food items for the food pantry

For this year’s Touch A Truck event, we were happy to deliver, not only our auger vehicle, but the donations from our staff. Kris Heald operated the truck and greeted onlookers and kids who wanted to climb aboard. As evidenced by the 100 or so OTELCO whistle key chains we distributed, the event was very well attended and raised more than $1,700 and about 250 lbs. of food.

The food pantry is located at the Congregational Church Parish House at
5 Brown St. in Gray. For more information, to donate, or to volunteer your time, please call (207) 657-4279 EX3.