We need your opinion, please.

Quite a while ago, we asked you to give us your thoughts about home security and other cloud based home automation products.  Hundreds of you responded to an on-line survey and the results indicated that these products are something our customers want.

In response, our product development team went to work to find an affordable,, easy to use home automation solution.  A few months ago we introduce OTELCO Home Automation, powered by MivaTek.OTELCO Home Automation Security ComponentsOTELCO Home Automation

As you may have seen in your phone bills and on the website, there are 2 base modules: one that is security focused, and one that is geared toward independent living and elder care. The add-on safety module provides monitoring for water leaks and smoke and carbon alarms, and can control certain lights and appliances with smart plug technology.

With so many possible applications such as general security; elder care and monitoring; home monitoring of vacation homes; and even to keep an eye on pets while you’re out, we really thought this product would fly off the shelves.  Quite frankly, we were wrong.

Here’s where we need your help…..

How did we misjudge the potential popularity of this suite of home automation products? Tell us by clicking here.